If you haven't already, check the graphics on your master and reference pages. I once encountered an embedded 25MB version of a company logo in a page header.

You should be able to delete the graphic representations in the MIF, as long as you don't break the MIF syntax.


On 7/10/14, 5:38 AM, David Farbey wrote:
I am trying to diagnose the cause of "file bloat" in some older FM files I have inherited. I suspect that something was once imported with OLE, but the file is empty of graphics and other objects now, just a few pages of text, but it still "weighs in" at 22MB (other files with the same template are a few hundred KB).

I'd like to delete the traces of whatever object there once was but I can't find anything to delete. When I export it to MIF there are however thousands of lines of binary code. Can I simply delete them?

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