Ah yes .. my experience with this is through Fusion, but I'm quite sure that the 64/32-bit question is the same for both virtualization options.

At the time I made this switch (7 years ago), Fusion was generally considered the better choice, and it was also the system that a couple of my clients were using. Since then, it seems that the "preference" switches from Parallels to Fusion as each comes out with a new release. In reality I think it's probably a toss-up.

I've been more than happy with Fusion (and don't see the FM12-horizontal-scroll crasher), so will likely stick with this for the foreseeable future.



On 7/13/14 1:02 PM, Steve Rickaby wrote:
At 15:53 -0400 13/7/14, Alan Houser wrote:

One warning siren re: Parallels ... you will likely experience a FrameMaker crash when 
horizontally scrolling an unsaved file. I've learned "Don't do that", but it's 
still sometimes frustrating. The issue has recently come to Adobe's attention here on the 
list, so perhaps they will issue a patch.

My colleagues who use VMware apparently do not encounter this issue.
Ah. Ahah.

For some reason that I've now forgotten, the very knowledgeable people at my 
local Apple Store recommended Parallels (9) over Fusion. I've had no issues 
with setting up virtual machines for Win7 (aside from Win7 itself!@) and OS X 
Snow Leopard Server. I've not tried FrameMaker yet. But I plan to evaluate 

Thanks: good to know.


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