At 14:31 -0700 13/7/14, Scott Prentice wrote:

>Ah yes .. my experience with this is through Fusion, but I'm quite sure that 
>the 64/32-bit question is the same for both virtualization options.
>At the time I made this switch (7 years ago), Fusion was generally considered 
>the better choice, and it was also the system that a couple of my clients were 
>using. Since then, it seems that the "preference" switches from Parallels to 
>Fusion as each comes out with a new release. In reality I think it's probably 
>a toss-up.

I guess we're going a bit off-topic here, but this evening I tried out Fusion 
(5). At the moment I'm interested in OS X virtual machines, using Snow Leopard 
Server. I hit what looks like a major snag with Fusion: in a Fusion Snow 
Leopard VM I get offered only one display resolution (tiny screen), as opposed 
to the zillions in a Parallels (9) SL VM. I will investigate this further when 
I get time, and see if the problem exists in a Fusion Win7 VM.

It was an evaluation version of Fusion: maybe they cripple it.


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