Theresa wrote:
> Lin Sims wrote:
> > If it were me, I'd copy one of the Australian ones into the "Find" 
> > box, then copy the one you want it to be into the Replace box, then 
> > click Change All, making sure Book is selected.

> For me that doesn't quite work. There's something in Frame which decides a 
> curved apostrophe is the same as an uncurved apostrophe.

I am guessing that the act of inserting the replace apostrophe in place cause 
the "smart-quote feature in Frame to perhaps change it?

You might consider replacing them in a saved MIF format version of the file, 
with a simple text editor. With my text editor (I use "pfe"), I can highlight 
what I want to be replaced (makes it easy not worry about exactly what code the 
character is) and then replace with a single apostrophe ...

Side-bar curiosity question: what do you choose not to use the curved 
apostrophe's? I find those to be more consistent with the way I want my 
documents to look ... fwiw.



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