Thanks to all for the pointers to building my own EDD using the manual "Developing Structured Applications" (Structure_Dev_Guide.pdf) from Adobe.

Where can I go and find out more about what the structured elements/attributes mean?

I've had no success with or the Framemaker 12 help pdf.

Specifically at the moment, I'm trying to find out how Frame decides when and how to apply "FirstIndentRelative" i.e. relative to what? In following the instructions, it seems to me all I did was input a value for a Paragraph Indent, but I have not told Frame any rules about WHEN to apply this command.

For those who don't have this exercise fresh in their memory ;-) there has been an Indent (0.3") added in all contexts to the Section element. The Title element has a (-0.3") FirstIndentRelative.

Is there some place where exists a list of elements & attributes which discusses what each means?



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