Let me clarify: you are still going to apply formatting in the EDD, but
instead of specifying each property individually, just specify paragraph


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On 8/15/2014 1:09 PM, Rick Quatro wrote:
> There should be information in either the Structured Application 
> Developers Guide or the Structured Application Developers Reference. 
> HOWEVER, because you are first starting out, I would shy away from 
> applying formatting via the EDD. Instead, just specify the paragraph 
> format you want for each of your elements. Since you probably already 
> have an unstructured template, this makes it easier to have the new 
> structured template use the formats you are familiar with.

Thanks, Rick. I'm following the "lesson plan" in the Structure Guide, but I
can definitely see my way clear to skipping all the formatting stuff!

Many thanks,


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