Hi Framers, thanks for all the help you’ve given me so far.

Naturally, I’ve got some more structured Frame questions.

To recap: I’m creating a structured book so that I can create one ebook out of two fiction novellas. I am aware that it’s possible to do this in an unstructured world, but I’m not.

In order to get the two novellas to display the correct title of the story (novella) on the master page, I understand I’ll need separate books (nested).

Let’s say my EDD begins:
Element (Container): FrameBook
Valid as the highest-level element.

To create the child-book, I will need
Element (Container): VolumeBook
Element (Container): Chapter
Element (Container): Section

As the chapter files are separate files, does the outside container (FrameBook) exist in the chapter files, or, do I list both VolumeBook and Chapter as "Valid as the highest-level element"?

In FrameBook, there will also be Front Matter and Back Matter. Can I use the Section element here or should I create a new element called OtherMatter?

One of the novellas has a Prologue. This behaves in most ways like a chapter except that no number is displayed and its leading caption (title) is different, i.e. Prologue, Chapter 1, Chapter 2. In unstructured Frame, I cheated and took a bad shortcut. I copied the master page and took out the autonumber paratag so that "Chapter" doesn’t show up on the printed page. However, the TOC is not working right, so this is not a good solution.

--Do I use paratag "Chapter" for the prologue and then Format > Document > Numbering to reset the second instance of Chapter to be =1 ? --Do I remove the word "Chapter" from the master page? How then do I get the word "Chapter" to show up on all printed chapters except the Prologue (including the TOC)?
--Do I have one element or two in the EDD?

Hard to believe but I am progressing.

Thanks for your advice,

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