Several people have advised me to stick to unstructured Frame for my project, so I’ll comply.

To recap: To start my project I used the new Frame 12 templates by Bernard Aschwanden for unstructured "user manual" because I wanted to learn about how to use Frame in new ways (I had just upgraded from v8). I then built a Frame book for my two crime fiction novellas which generates TOC and publishes to pdf just fine.

Originally when I published to epub the chapters came out in a bizarre order, so I thought that the underlying Frame book structure was somehow "not coming through" to the epub—this is why I thought I had to move to structured Frame. Now onwards.

Today, the Publish ePub successfully completes. Looking at the ebook in Sigil ( the TOC is completely screwy. Sigil has three panels: files in book, display of selected file contents, and TOC. Clicking on any entry in the TOC produces the error "File x does not exist", where x is the fm book component file name.

There is also one CSS per file in book, so about 30 of them.




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