Hurrah John! ;-)

I have been following this thread with interest and sympathy, but have not 
posted because I know nothing about Mif2Go, having never used it.

However, as a 64,000-foot view of inexplicable problems, I would be inclined to 
*always* suspect AV software until it is proven innocent. I just wish I'd 
thought of it in this case.

For example, until now (FrameMaker 12/Win7/Parallels) my experience has been 
mainly of textbooks produced in FrameMaker 7 for Mac on an 11-year-old machine. 
On that Mac I have - had - an AV app running, and it *always* randomly 
interfered with FrameMaker's file saves. It wasn't a big issue, as it 
interfered with them non-destructively, blocking the deletion of the 
hex-numbered temporary file that FrameMaker produces (or produced in FrameMaker 
7 for Mac) as part of the file save process. This regularly generated messages 
like 'File blah hex-blah has an unusual extent/is busy/cannot be deleted but 
file blah has been saved.'

Just why this happened is no longer important, but it's a hint that AV software 
tends to mess with stuff that OS and app developers maybe didn't expect to be 
messed with.


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