Hi John

That is excellent news. I don't use Mif2Go myself, but I have been following this thread.

On 2 occasions in the past we have had problems with our company anti-virus software interfering with how FrameMaker worked. In one case the AV software was scanning certain types of graphic (imported by reference from the network) before it would let FM display them - FM was taking minutes to display graphics, instead of seconds. In the second case, when FM tried to import a referenced graphic from a network drive, the AV software decided to scan the entire folder that contained the graphic, before it would let FM display it, resulting in similar delays.

Both cases required our IT dept to make global changes to the AV software set-up.



John Sgammato wrote, on 28/08/2014 6:54 a.m.:
A Hail-Mary pass seems to have succeeded!
On a hunch, I shut down Malware Bytes antivirus software and the project ran to completion. Now I will disconnect my computer from the internet and get to work...

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