I am currently writing a book in FM 10 with about 30 individual FM files
with a total of about 200 pages.

My client wants outputs in pdf as well chm / webhelp formats. The pdf
output through FM's own 'save as pdf' works very well and the file looks
really great.

When I try to 'publish' (File > Publish > select HTML), the resultant CHM
is incomplete with only a few of the 30 files. As an alternative strategy,
I tried to importing the FM book in Robohelp. In this case also, only the
first few FM files from the book are imported in Robohelp.

What am I doing wrong? And how do I get Robohelp to import the Framemaker
document completely? Is there a limitation to the size of file that
Robohelp can import?

*Regards,Apurva *

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