Yes, I could do that too, but then I’d have to run it in reverse if FM ran into 
trouble and it needed one of those “extra” files to recover/restore from – FM 
needs the smarts to be able to know where they’re located and retrieve from 
that location when needed, which it’s currently lacking. Break out the wish 
list ;>)

From: Keith Soltys []
Sent: September-05-14 8:48 AM
To: Jeff Coatsworth
Subject: RE: Best practices for converting FM to Robohelp

I run a batch file at least at the end of every day to move my backup files 
into their own directory.  I could probably automate this with ExtendScript, if 
I had the time to figure it out. But a batch file is simple, and it works (as 
long as I remember to run it).


 [] On Behalf Of Jeff Coatsworth
Sent: Friday, September 05, 2014 8:37 AM
Subject: RE: Best practices for converting FM to Robohelp

They probably weren’t corrupted at all – you just had selected the backup 
instead of the “live” copy when you opened up the next file (and then your 
workflow just perpetuated the mistake). One longstanding FM grumble is the 
program’s desire to always maintain all its files (.book, .fm, .backup, .lck, 
.auto, etc.) in one location – you can never designate another place to keep 
those “extra” file types out of the way.

 [] On Behalf Of Apurva Bahadur
Sent: September-05-14 5:50 AM
Subject: Re: Best practices for converting FM to Robohelp

Fellow Framers,
Problem solved after some investigation, although I cannot understand the 
entire process.

·         While editing, I created the various FM files by renaming and saving 
the complete file as the next file, deleting the existing stuff and editing new 
content on the page.
·         Somewhere in the process, one FM file got corrupted and ended with 
the extension '.backup' instead of '.fm.'
·         Due to 'save as' process, all the subsequent files had the '.backup' 
·         Even on corruption, these .backup extension files were visible in the 
FM book. I could open, edit and create perfect pdf outputs of the FM book.
·         However, Robohelp refused to recognize the files with .backup 
extension and made a CHM containing only the files with proper .fm extension.
·         This resulted in an incomplete CHM, and a growing sense of helpless 
·         I opened the corrupted files from within FM book and saved them by a 
different name. I checked in the Windows explored that the copy of the files 
were saved with the proper .fm extension.
·         I added the renamed files to the book and deleted the corrupted files 
from the book.That was all to it.
I couldn't have solved this problem from within Framemaker itself as the book 
showed the corrupted files as normal FM files - I would open edit and save them 
without any indication of an error. So, when black magic starts to happen, 
please check the extensions of files in Windows explorer!

Any idea why FM book could open a file with .backup extension?  Probably 
.backup are valid FM files, as these display a smaller version of the 
Framemaker icon in the Windows explorer.



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