The styles are right, though they may be changing with the cleanup I'll be
doing, but now I just want to all be properly applied. I'm going to try
Rick's suggestion and see if that works.

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Hi Linda


Is the problem that paragraphs don't have the right paragraph tag? For
example, have you got a heap of headings that have been tagged with Body and
then overridden to look like headings? If so, you can use search and replace
to fix at least some of it.


1.       Use FM's copy special to copy the correct paragraph tag

2.       use Framemaker's search to find the wrong ones, by searching by its
font settings, then

3.       use the Change "by pasting" option to apply the right paragraph


Hope this helps




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Subject: Way to apply style to * paragraphs


FM 12 (unstructured)

Win 7


I'm working with a large book from a client (66 chapters, 2500+ pages) that
has numerous paragraphs that show an * next to the style name. 


>From what I've seen, and of course, I've not looked at every page of every
file, the styles are in paragraph catalog, but apparently are not applied
properly. One of my tasks is to generally clean up the style usage to make
it consistent.


Before doing that cleanup (with plug-ins and scripts), I'd like to get all
the styles properly applied to each paragraph. Does anyone know of an
automated way to do this?



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