FM 12
Win 7
Please know that I inherited all these files. ;-) I keep my styles much
cleaner when I create them.
So, now I've found (using Paragraph Tools from Silicon Prairie) that there
are both Body and Body[space] styles.
I've opened three different files that are supposed to have both styles, but
I can't find any occurrences of Body[space] on any Body, Master, or
Reference page in any of the files. I searched using Paragraph Tag for
Body[pressed spacebar], Simple Search, Whole Word.
Is there something else I can do to find this style with the space after the
name? I want to see the formatting to see if it's the same as Body. I want
to consolidate them, of course, into one style (sans space).

Linda G. Gallagher
STC Fellow
TechCom Plus, LLC
lindag at techcomplus dot com <>  
303-450-9076 or 800-500-3144
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