Dear Fellow Framers,

I hope the title is not misleading!

I am working on a 200 page FM manual for a client. Currently, the entire
manual is one book with several FM files with one TOC.

After review, the client suggested that the book be split into several
smaller self contained books. For example, they wanted: Section A
(Introduction), Section B (Features), Section C (Installation) etc. Each
section should have its own sectional numbering (page A-1, Figure A-1,
Paragraph A-1, Paragraph A-1.1 etc) and a TOC.

What is the correct workflow to achieve this?

Initially, I tried moving relevant files of a logical section into a new
book and creating its own TOC. I named the volume as A, B etc. and called
the <$volnum> variable in numbering of paragraph styles and page numbers.
It works.
However, I run into difficulties when inserting these books with their own
TOCs and files in the larger project book. I find that the pdf of the
complete project does not include the individual sectional TOCs. Any
suggestions of why that happens?

The other options are to create folders or groups inside the project's book
but I am not sure if that will achieve the desired results.

I await your comments. Thanks in advance!


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