Hi Rebecca,

interesting question. Theoretically it should be possible to 'translate’ the 
steps element into a FrameMaker table, for presentation, just like we do with 
the properties element. 
It would put some heavy constraints on your content however, as each step must 
have exactly one cmd and one info element. 

You’ll need to adapt the read/write rules and the EDD. I just did a test and it 
seems to work. Look at the constructs for the property element in the reference 
rules and EDD to see how you can set it up. This what I’ve got in the rules 

  /* steps */
element "steps" {
  is fm table element;
  fm property columns value is "2";
  attribute "props" is fm property column widths;

fm element "fm-stepsbody" unwrap;
element "step" {
  is fm table row element;
  fm property row type value is "Body";
element "cmd" is fm table cell element;
element "info" is fm table cell element;

(note: I used default FM DITA, not DITA-fmx yet)(note: I left out the table 
heading ….)

To make it work in the EDD I made <steps> to be Element (Table), where general 
rule is fm-stepsbody.
Then <fm-stepsbody> has step+ and <step> (Table Row) has cmd, info.
cmd and info are both Table Cell.

Actually, in a task topic this works like a charm and is a perfect template to 
make 'clean' tasks. 
Using (cmd, info) as the general rule for step makes inserting and adding steps 
very easy.

In the WYSIWYG view I can see a table, while in the XML view I can see the 
correct steps xml code.

Thanks for the suggestion ….

Vriendelijke groet / Kind regards,
Wim Hooghwinkel

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