Up to this point, I've never generated web-based help, only Microsoft HTML Help 
1.x with Framemaker 7.2 as my source documents. The program that my help is 
used in is now being used as part of a suite of web-based programs. When I view 
the CHM file in the web-based application, I only see the books, chapters, and 
headings on the left side. I don't see any of the actual Help content. That 
very same CHM file shows all as it should when the application is on my C: 

My questions are:

1.    Is there a setting I need to generate the help for the web-based 

2.    If I need to change the output, what output do I need to select that 
would require the absolute bare minimum of work on my part?

3.    If I choose a different output, do the style and paragraph settings that 
are part of the HTML Help 1.x output automatically come into the new output 

Thank you so much for your help in advance.

David Millis
Drake Software


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