This question was posed Nov. 10, so I'm late responding -- I let messages pile 

I had the exact same issue with a three-year-old CHM that worked great from a 
server until we went to update the help. Lo and behold, MS had changed the 

I was lucky enough to find a way around it, using a third-party tool that is 
not free, but inexpensive, called HTML Executable.

It doesn't matter how the CHM was created. I produced mine in Author-It. You 
run the CHM through HTML Executable and turn it into an EXE file, which can be 
run from a server.

The best part: as part of the process, you can pick a new "skin" for your help. 
In my case, it allowed me to upgrade the appearance without tedious (and 
occasionally dangerous) template rework in Author-It!

HTML Executable was fast, did a great job, and required almost no time to 
learn, especially since I only used that single aspect of the software. I 
highly recommend it as a simple solution.



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