I’ll redefine my question: 
for a specific use case I’m investigating the option of using a docbook book 
file to let my client edit and maintain their docbook-based xml files in a 
book-like setting. Analog to the ditamap. 
Now when I open a docbook book file in FM, FM converts it directly to a FM 
book. All XML files are converted to fm files. That’s not what I want.
I want the author to be able to open the docbook book file as XML, be able to 
edit the individual linked XML files and eventually save the complete book as 
FM book for publishing.

So my question to current docbook FM users: has one of you found a solution for 
this, maybe a script or a way of working that resembles the topic based 
approach of DITA maps?


Vriendelijke groet / Kind regards,
Wim Hooghwinkel

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