Thanks all … for your kind concerns about me trying to do a docbook experiment 
in the DITA ages ….

I have been working with docbook (variants) already back in the FrameMaker 5.5 
days, so <support> for docbook has been there in FM, I know. And it still is. 
In the early days this < support> was not based on round tripping the XML. 
My current client has inherited a simple, docbook based structured application. 
They maintain both a structured FM version (book with chapters) and individual 
XML files (one for each chapter). To get them working in a real single sourcing 
set up (that is, not having to maintain FM versions anymore) my first approach 
would be to <mimic> a ditamap or fm-book by using the docbook book doctype. 
This <book> can link to XML files, being the first step to topic based. But, as 
Alan points out, FM converts each component to a FM file when opening the 
<book> XML file. 

I have not been doing docbook or any other custom XML in FM for a long time, 
and being spoiled by all the DITA support suddenly feel a bit clumsy by trying 
to get a docbook <book> into FM.
So, I was wondering if any of you already had found or made a solution for that.

Eventually my client will move to DITA. But as they have a lot of current 
content it’s not feasible to start a conversion project now. We have to find a 
short term solution to let them continue working with the content as it is. 

Vriendelijke groet / Kind regards,
Wim Hooghwinkel

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