FM has provided support for docbook since 7.2. It's been weak and incomplete (as it still is), but it's been there. If you poke around in the structure applications, you'll see an xdocbook app.

Wim .. in order to use docbook effectively in FM, you'll need to do a bit of development work, both structure app development but also likely some FDK work. You may be better off trying to develop a docbook specialization of DITA .. but that will have it's own special problems!


On 11/21/14 8:37 AM, Robert Lauriston wrote:
I doubt there are many FrameMaker DocBook users, since support was
just added in FM12. In structured mode it should not convert XML to

If you don't have FM12, I suggest downloading an eval copy.

On Fri, Nov 21, 2014 at 12:42 AM, Wim Hooghwinkel - idtp <> wrote:
Now when I open a docbook book file in FM, FM converts it directly to a FM
book. All XML files are converted to fm files. That’s not what I want.


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