Hi Michael,


The reason you don't want to do this is because the save to MIF 7.0 will
change the text encoding to the old FrameRoman character set. Then when you
open the MIF with FrameMaker 12 (or any version 8 or higher), the text
encoding will get changed back to Unicode. There is an outside chance that
this could mess up some of your text. In your case, you should save your FM
12 files as MIF 12.0 before you open them with FM 10. You are essentially
going from Unicode to Unicode, which is "safer".


Rick Quatro

Carmen Publishing Inc.






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Hi Lise,


In FrameMaker v12, there are two options for saving in MIF format:


MIF 12.0 (*.mif)

MIF 7.0 (*.mif)


I don't have FrameMaker v8 installed, but I would think you would want files
saved in MIF 7.0 format. I do go between FMv10 and FMv12 fairly often and
that is the format I use. 


Hope this helps.



Lise wrote:



A little googling did not clarify anything for me, so I thought I'd ask

I'm on Frame 8; none of the added features in subsequent releases seemed
relevant enough to me to justify upgrading (and it works fine for me on
Windows 7).

The issue I have is that I need to send some manuals out for quote to be
translated, and I want to make sure that the files they send back to me, can
be opened in Frame 8. (I figured it's better to clarify upfront, rather than
chance running into issues later. I have no idea what the translation
companies are able to provide, but Murphy dictates that if I don't clarify,
I'll run into issues.)


Now, I know you can't save a file opened in Frame 12 directly as a Frame
8-compatible file, but it looks like you can save as .mif--can that be
opened in Frame 8?

According to this thread, https://forums.adobe.com/thread/1379901, there are
two different MIF versions?

What format do I need to request they return, so that I can open the
translated files, once translated?









Michael Norton | Technical Writer



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