I haven't run into this recently (using FM11 and FM12 mostly) but know that it 
was a bug that was NOT triggered by accidental keystrokes. The easiest fix was 
to use the backup file. I can't remember if I could fix it by using the 
template to reimport the master pages into the files affected. What was 
happening was the sudden introduction of a sidehead that hadn't previously 
existed onto the master pages (and resulting indenting of paragraph tags as a 

Craig Ede

> Date: Mon, 16 Feb 2015 16:45:56 -0700
> To: framers@lists.frameusers.com
> From: celk...@awrittenword.com
> Subject: global text box format
> I posted about this back on 2/26/14 and Craig Ede 
> was waiting for a response, too. None ever came. 
> So we are all waiting to learn how to NEVER do 
> whatever we did to set room for sideheads on all 
> of our text boxes. I hope Rick can find a fix for 
> you, but some of us would really appreciate 
> knowing how it happens in the first place.
> Carol

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