Hmmm … I don’t know how to answer your questions for certain, but can make a 
few comments.

1.      I have not tried with a file/book “built from scratch” yet – will see 
if that makes a difference. This is, however, a royal pain, since it is far 
easier to start from an existing book to create a new one 9keeps stuff 

2.      OTOH, I am not creating any new documents in FrameMaker (moved process 
to LaTeX to avoid the FM pricing problem in the future), so this may be moot.

3.      A tiny few of my documents have evolved over time from FrameMaker 4 
(from when I began using FM again on Windows).

4.      Many of my docs started from FrameMaker 6 era though – just upgraded 
over time as I edited them for updates, etc.

5.      A few are brand-new in FrameMaker 9,10 and 11 (and then moved to 12 for 

6.      Regardless, it is always easier to simply start with an existing folder 
containing the book/files from another document, to begin work on a new doc. 
This makes it easier to get exactly the templates, paragraph and font formats, 
colors, etc., that I want … for a consistent look and feel.

7.      My files are very clean now – for example, some have had the master 
pages fonts changed to ensure that only the fonts I want are included in the 
PDF, etc.

8.      When editing a document for updates, I do the occasional “Save As” and 
MIF-washes too … to clear up stuff.

The result so far is that with RGB mode selected, I get what I want/expect in 
the PDF. With CMYK, italic paragraphs have kerning removed; intra-links and 
extra-links (to URL’s) are missing; some text fonts lose the bolding (yes, I 
use a Character Format for “Bold”), etc.

However, I have not been comprehensive about all this yet, so will confirm 
everything soon. I may also go back to a backup tape and see if can find the 
specific FM docs I used to sent to Adobe (somebody in India) and see how end up 
do in 12.0.4 … will have to wait till next week for some time though.


From: Lin Sims []
Sent: Friday, February 27, 2015 5:22 AM
To: Davis, David
Cc: Denis Daly; Syed Zaeem Hosain (;
Subject: Re: Did I miss the FM12.0.4 Update Announcement?

Are these brand new files created by FM12, or are these files you converted 
from an earlier version? I ask because I've discovered that (at least for me) 
the text-searchable SVG graphic bug, which is listed as fixed for FM12, is only 
fixed if you're talking about new documents. None of the documents I have that 
were converted from FM10 to FM12 will produce PDFs with text-searchable SVG 
graphics. All of the documents that are created in FM12 produce PDFs with 
searchable SVG graphics.

So far I've determined that MIF-washing doesn't fix this, that you can't simply 
import the contents of the FM10 file into the FM12 file, and that you can't 
copy & paste using the Frame Interchange Format. Copy & pasting as Unicode text 
does work, but of course you then have to reapply all your formatting tags and 
recreate all your xrefs and conditionaled content. Oddly, you can copy and 
paste the tables in without causing an issue.

Note that my company's workflow is to use unstructured FM with embedded 
graphics; I do not know if this applies to structured FM or XML files or 
referenced graphics.

On Fri, Feb 27, 2015 at 4:18 AM, Davis, David 
If people have a problem with a specific bug, I really would recommend logging 
it in the Adobe bug tracker.
When I logged my CMYK issue, there was already one other bug report in there 
for the same thing, and I did get a fix within about 3 months,
which is a pretty good turnaround for a behemoth like FrameMaker!
The more people log a bug. the higher a priority it will get with their dev 

From: Denis Daly [<>]
Sent: 27 February 2015 08:56
To: Syed Zaeem Hosain (<>); 
Davis, David;<>
Subject: RE: Did I miss the FM12.0.4 Update Announcement?

Please keep us informed of your experiences with the CMYK issue Syed.

I (along with many others) was hoping this latest update would have solved the 


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