David Davis said:
> In German they get around this kind of thing by making compound nouns, so 
> you'd have the equivalent of "Usermanual"  (Benutzerhandbuch...?), but 
> English prefers to leave a space.

Indeed! :) 

Reminds me of the time I was helping a fraternity brother (fluent German 
speaker) translate a highly technical document from German to English for his 
summer job and we encountered this (or some similar) word: 
"SchwebendeElektroMagnetischenFeld" .... and that was one of the simpler 
compound words there!

The translation we provided in English was "Levitating Electro-Magnetic Field". 
The word "Schwebende" means something else I think, but the context was MagLev 
trains, so "Levitating" seemed better to me! :)

I have never forgotten this story even though it has been 40 years now. I ended 
up sudying German for two semesters the year after that summer - needed it as a 
foreign language requirement. 



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