Here is the link to the webinar I mentioned earlier. It is not too late to
submit scripting ideas for it.

April 29: "FrameMaker Automation Ideas with Examples"

Special Guest Rick Quatro returns for a 3rd session on Extendscripts for
FrameMaker. In this session, Rick will share several of his favorite
time-saving solutions. Scripts will be available to those who register or

Rick Quatro
Carmen Publishing Inc.

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Hi, guys...I'm using FM11 unstructured and I maintain quite a large document
set...10 books of 2,000 pages each give or take.

Because of the amount of time I spend on housekeeping, I'm ready to take a
stab at adding plugins that will save me time. In addition, I may be
bringing in a team of 3-4 writers and I want the files to be as clean as
possible. When you evolve to 20,000 pages of document from an initial 195
pages in 2 years, ya get careless at times.

Now...I'm in a very locked down environment, so I know I'm in for a
battle...this very well can be a 3-6 month project and I may loose.

Money is no object. I was able to easily justify a $500 application just to
check broken links (3 bullet points in an email) , but it took 4 months to
work through the process from "request to license".

So...if I was to try to put together a shopping list together with as many
plugin components in as few different products as possible, what should that


John X Posada
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| HSBC North America Holdings Inc
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