I would give serious thought to Acrolinx, if you're facing consistency issue as your content scales up and if you're going to bring in multiple writers. It can also help other casual content authors (e.g., developer's and tester's design and use case docs; marcomm) or give you a fast-editing path to clean up such source prior to importation/reuse in FrameMaker. It's NOT cheap, and it take a significant setup and routine maintenance as your product lines evolve... but it's a joy to see working well! It basically can eliminate any 'copyediting' roles throughout your organization.
And, no, I am not affiliatedf with them, other than as a fanboy who wants MY compnay to adopt it! :)
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Subject: What FM plugin suite give the most bang?
From: john.x.pos...@us.hsbc.com
Date: Thu, April 23, 2015 1:35 pm
To: framers <framers@lists.frameusers.com>

Hi, guys...I'm using FM11 unstructured and I maintain quite a large
document set...10 books of 2,000 pages each give or take.

Because of the amount of time I spend on housekeeping, I'm ready to take a
stab at adding plugins that will save me time. In addition, I may be
bringing in a team of 3-4 writers and I want the files to be as clean as
possible. When you evolve to 20,000 pages of document from an initial 195
pages in 2 years, ya get careless at times.

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