I would look into the Silicon Prairie tools (very cheap but they are an
invaluable addition to your toolbox - I wouldn't be without them).


For example, you can use the Para tool to delete all unused Para tags from a
document or book. You can also use the tool to rename existing Para tags as


You can get the same tool for Chars, Tables, etc.






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This could be very tedious, so I'm hoping that you all can help. 

Two issues: 

1) I have a document that has a paragraph catalog that is far more extensive
than I need (added to over the years and never cleaned up). I'd like to
reduce it to a more manageable list. 

2) I want to be able create a few special paragraph tags that would be used
only in the eBook output of the document. For example, I would have an
"eBody" for eBook body text that, for the eBook, would replace all
paragraphs tagged with the "Body" tag. 

Is there a way to do this relatively quickly or is it as tedious as I'm
afraid that it could be? 

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