On 2015-May-27 3:33 PM, tom.beiswen...@emhartglass.com wrote:
This could be very tedious, so I'm hoping that you all can help.

Two issues:

1) I have a document that has a paragraph catalog that is far more extensive than I need (added to over the years and never cleaned up). I'd like to reduce it to a more manageable list.

One quick approach is to delete all the tags in the catalog and then use File > Utilities > Create and Apply Formats to build a new catalog. Note, though, that only tags actually in use will be created. Details at http://help.adobe.com/en_US/FrameMaker/10.0/Using/WS62FEAB1C-8463-4a5f-8DFA-8B103ED878B6.html#WS86FDA1E1-DF59-467c-90BF-FE108F96415E under Rename or delete formats


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