Or to Git ... which is even better than SVN.


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Making a manual archive is always a good practice - I would advise doing this 
on a twice daily basis so that the files are backed up to a server in a 
different location.

Warning: SourceSafe is a discontinued Microsoft package. Even though SourceSafe 
can handle any type of file, we experienced some corruptions when dealing with 
non-source code, such as document sets, images, etc.  Not good!

Instead, I would recommend switching to use Apache Subversion - AKA: SVN.

// Simon BUCH

On 05/06/2015 10:13, Denis Daly wrote:

It has been recommended to me, by my Manager, that I use Sourcesafe to control 
archiving of all my Framemaker files. Sourcesafe is used by our Software 
developer to archive his files.

Currently, I manually archive on a weekly basis by copying files from my local 
C:\ drive to the company server.

Thoughts appreciated.


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