Hi Ken,
as far I could check the FM12  packager does not extract referenced 
graphics files to the zip file.
We use the  Squidds Finalyser plugin,  which gathers all book files, 
graphics files, text-insets into a specified folder, rearranging all 
references and links to the new folder stucture.
They have a 30 day trail version, here is the link: 
. Perhaps you may give it a try.

Mit freundlichen Grüßen
Best Regards

Thomas Zeisig

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Framers <framers@lists.frameusers.com>
FM12 questions
Questions for all you FrameMaker 12 users out there.

1. Is it true that Adobe has officially built (incorporated) into FM 12 a 
stable, accurate book archiving feature (so well-done by the late Bruce 
Foster through FM 8)?

2. If so, how well does it function? We at my company use FM 11 along with 
the third-party book archiving script for FM9 and later made available 
after Mr. Foster's passing, and have consistent problems with how this 
script creates two copies of each FM chapter file (one in the main folder 
and another in the book Insets folder) with almost all external 
(chapter-to-chapter) x-refs broken so that pdf files generated from books 
archived using this script also have broken external x-refs.

3. What is the upgrade price for we who use FM 11?

Thanks in advance,

-- Ken in Atlanta

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