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| Hello everybody,
| Is there a possibility in FM to define a character style with 
| a background color? Objective would be to define a character 
| style with a grey background to mean a button in a software 
| to click, for instance... Like in Word when you highlight a 
| text in yellow... has anyone done this before in FM v7.1 on PC?
| Thanks for your expertise!
| Marketing Operations

FrameMaker does not support this directly.  Frame can only "highlight"
text with a colored background when the info is in a table cell, but you
will have placement issues.

There's a huge kludge to do what you want if the text is really
free-form, and that involves drawing separate colored rectangles and
sending the behind the text (note that the text frame must be
transparent), but it is a royal pain in the *ss to manage.

My company developed a DLL client (using the FDK) that can automate the
second choice based on specific character tags. If you'd like more info,
feel free to contact me offline for details.

- Lester 
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