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> On Thursday, December 22, 2005 10:31 AM, David ARNOULT - Marketing
> Operations wrote:
> | Hello everybody,
> |  
> | Is there a possibility in FM to define a character style with 
> | a background color? Objective would be to define a character 
> | style with a grey background to mean a button in a software 
> | to click, for instance... Like in Word when you highlight a 
> | text in yellow... has anyone done this before in FM v7.1 on PC?
> |  
> | Thanks for your expertise!
> |  
> | David ARNOULT
> | Marketing Operations
> FrameMaker does not support this directly.  Frame can only "highlight"
> text with a colored background when the info is in a table cell, but you
> will have placement issues.
> There's a huge kludge to do what you want if the text is really
> free-form, and that involves drawing separate colored rectangles and
> sending the behind the text (note that the text frame must be
> transparent), but it is a royal pain in the *ss to manage.

Another method is to place an anchored frame At Insertion Point, change 
its fill to the desired grey, and add either a text line or a text frame 
within it. Then shrinkwrap and change the Distance Above Baseline to 
some negative point value to bring the text line down level with the 
rest of the sentence. This method treats the frame as a single 
character, so the background stays with the text during edits. However, 
it is only practical if you put a collection of such frames on a 
reference page for easy copy/paste.


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