>>Is there a possibility in FM to define a character style with a background
color? Objective would be to define a character style with a grey background
to mean a button in a software to click, for instance... Like in Word when
you highlight a text in yellow... has anyone done this before in FM v7.1 on

Thanks for your expertise!

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Hi David,

You've gotten some great suggestions from the group so far. Since I work
with engineers, I've used Bill Briggs' method before (adding a new equation)
and it worked well.

But, here's my favorite method. Use your graphics tool, Photoshop, PSP, etc.
and make the button in that program, save as your preferred file format, and
import the graphic. Then shrink wrap (Esc, m, p, I think) the graphic where
you want it to live on the page. Sometimes this method creates a bit of a
spacing issue, but I usually figure out some kinda work around.

Happy Holidays to all the Framers.

Such a great group of helpful folks hanging out here.


Rita Muller
Technical Writer
Morrow Technologies Corporation

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