When I select Object Properties on a referenced image on my home PC, FrameMaker 

I am using FrameMaker 7.1.116, pretty plain vanilla version except it has 
IXGen. It is set to Structured, but I am not actually using any structure tools 
or methods. 

This is the same book that I work on at my office in Lexington with no problems 
at all. That machine has Schlomo's timesavers on it, and it too has IXGen. 

This has happened at home for about three weeks or four weeks. I don't know of 
any significant changes in that time.  

I am trying to rebrand a finished book with all new screenshots. I have done 
this a hundred times and it is easy - look at the image to be replaced, get a 
new screenshot and save it as the same name, and continue. But to do it I need 
to know the name of the image I am replacing, and i do that by getting the 
Object Properties. I know there are other ways, but this way is very fast and 
efficient....until now!

Any ideas? 

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