There is no harm in deleting the Body paragraph tag from your documents. If 
you create a text frame, its first paragraph is automatically tagged with 
"Body" but you can easily retag it to what is appropriate. You can also 
retag the main flow text frame on your master pages, although there is no 
harm if you don't.

Rick Quatro
Carmen Publishing

We don't use the Body paragraph tag in our documents. We created a
different tag, Regtext, that we use for our body text. My question is,
is it OK to delete the paragraph tag from our templates and documents?
The reason I ask is because I see that Body paragraph tag is on the body
of the master pages. When I delete Body then there is an override on the
master page. Should I just leave it that way or should I change it to
Regtext or should I keep Body?

Sivia Atar

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