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| Is there a way to change the default paragraph tag for text 
| frames, etc., in the maker.ini file?
| Rene

The answer is "yes and no" - you can not modify the behavior or names if
you create new documents from the generic custom template (which is used
when you select the "portrait" or "landscape" options in the New
Document dialog) but you can change it for templates that you create and
store in the FrameMaker templates directory, which in the default
Windows installation is C:\Program

If you apply a different tag to the sole paragraph in the template text
frame on the master pages, i.e., the "A" flow on the Right and Left
master pages or any custom master pages you may have added, then when
you create a new document based on that template the initial paragraph
in that new file will be the style that is specified on the master page.

I hope this helps.

- Lester 
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