At 4:12 PM +0300 4/6/06, Sivia Atar wrote:
>My question is, is it OK to delete the paragraph tag from our templates and 

 Actually, it's fraught with danger. You know that little tag on your mattress 
that you can't tear off? Well, the same people who will arrest you if you 
remove that tag from your mattress will cart you off to jail for deleting the 
body tag. It's a summary conviction.

>The reason I ask is because I see that Body paragraph tag is on the body
>of the master pages. When I delete Body then there is an override on the
>master page.

 That "override" you see, the little asterisk beside the name, just means that 
the tag is not in the catalogue, therefore the notion of an "override" is 
somewhat meaningless.

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