Create your step paragraph with a right aligned tab for the number and then
a left aligned tab for the text.

Set your numbering to:

That should work theoretically (I haven't tested it, just what I think
should work ;-) 


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On seeing some FrameMaker output, an experienced proofreader has commented
on the fact that for numbered lists that run into two digits, the numbers
are left-aligned, rather than right-aligned - the implication is that, for
example, '9' should be aligned above the '0' of '10'.

I must admit that this thought had not crossed my mind before, but of course
it's true. I've just checked a book set in Quark, and list numbers do indeed
right-align. As FrameMaker can only apply justification at the paragraph tag
level, and not at the character tag level, I cannot see a simple method of
achieving the desired alignment.

Does anyone have any ideas?

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