Jeremy may respond too because he's on the list, but here's my take:
* When you set up your project, you can enter the name of a FM
template file to apply to the source files before conversion if you
want to change the appearance of the end document. This path and file
name can also be entered or changed in the .ini file.
* I'm not a great fan of .bmps myself, but if you're going to rtf, it
may be worth trying.
If it doesn't look right in Word, just import the originals.


On 4/25/06, obair81 at comcast.net <obair81 at comcast.net> wrote:
> I am told that mif2go can really duplicate the look of a frame doc, but I am 
> missing some details.
> I am told that in the mif2go setup there is somewhere where one can pick a 
> frame file that acts as a template for the frame to word conversion. I cannot 
> find where this option is.
> Also, he said that somewhere in the mif2rtf.ini I should put gif=bmp and 
> jpg=bmp because I have some GIFs and JPGs referenced in my frame doc, because 
> BMPs turn out better in the conversion.
> Can anyone comment on these questions?
> Thanks.

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