How do you see the "Set up print rtf project" dialog after the first setup?

It seems to show once, and then disappear.

I have looked through the manual enough to get my frame to go to word, but the 
word version is still 30 percent bigger than the frame, so it does not look 
like the original.

Maybe one problem is a View in Frame (my custom draft mark) that, even when 
hidden in Frame, shows in Word.  That puts itself in the middle of each page. 
Maybe that is what is throwing off the page size.  I cannot see why this View, 
hidden in Frame, shows in Word.


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> >I am told that mif2go can really duplicate the look of 
> >a frame doc, 
> Yes, it can.
> >but I am missing some details.
> >
> >I am told that in the mif2go setup there is somewhere 
> >where one can pick a frame file that acts as a template 
> >for the frame to word conversion. I cannot find where 
> >this option is.
> It's the entire right-hand half of the Set up dialog...
> you select the file at the top, and check boxes for the
> properties you want to import from it.  The import is
> done in a way that does *not* affect the original .fm 
> file; only the .mif used for conversion is modified.
> For Word output, you mostly need to adjust master pages,
> as detailed in the User's Guide, par. 2.3, "Importing 
> formats from a conversion template".
> >Also, he said that somewhere in the mif2rtf.ini I should 
> >put gif=bmp and jpg=bmp because I have some GIFs and JPGs 
> >referenced in my frame doc, because BMPs turn out better 
> >in the conversion.
> If you are going to Word, which we presume is the case
> here, Mif2Go can embed .bmps into .wmfs and put them
> in Word scaled exactly as in FrameMaker.  But for other
> formats, we have to let Word embed them itself, in which
> case we cannot specify scaling.  That's what "better"
> means here, as explained in par. 5.16.1, "Understanding 
> graphics requirements for Word".  The setting you mention
> is described in par., "Converting referenced 
> graphics before Mif2Go (best quality)", and other places.
> >Can anyone comment on these questions?
> The 800+-page User's Guide is your friend... If you
> don't care for the WinHelp version that ships with the
> distribution, take your choice of others from:
> All are made with Mif2Go; pick from: HTML Help, HTML,
> XHTML, JavaHelp, Oracle Help for Java, PDF, our own
> cross-platform OmniHelp (my personal favorite), Word
> RTF, and Frame 7.0 itself (with all .ini files, to
> use as examples).
> HTH!
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