My developers give me design files in Word containing embedded Visio 
objects to show UML and the like.  While there are not very many, I 
WOULD like to use as delayed a binding as possible, to facilitate the 
updating of such drawings from (ever?)-changing engineering docs.

I do not believe one can embed such objects themselves in a FrameMaker 

I CAN, of course, open the object, save it as a .vsd file, then open the 
.vsd file IN Visio and save it in some other graphic form (meaning that 
I'd have to do it over again whenever the engineers rejigger).

But Visio 2003 does not offer .eps among its save-as options.  The most 
desirable of the offerings (for line drawings) seem to be .gif, .png, 
and .svg[z].  My guess would be .svg because it's vector.

Any guidance on
1. whether FrameMaker can embed Visio objects
2. if not, then what's the best format for embedding the graphic file.

    Guy K. Haas
    Software Exegete in Silicon Valley

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