On 27 Apr 2006, at 20:38, Kevin Hunter wrote:

> Now I have a couple of questions relating to default settings on 
> importing
> files. I mainly work on user's guides with walk-through type 
> instructions
> with many screen shots of our software. To pull in my images I use Esc 
> +
> fif, and pick an image file and select a custom dpi; is there a way to 
> set a
> default for that? In my version it comes up with 96dpi, but I need to 
> vary
> that depending on the typical window sizes of each of the software 
> packages
> I work on. Currently I have to re-enter it by hand.
> The next step is that I then have to adjust the size and alignment of 
> the
> resulting anchored frame; it's initially centered, and I need it to be 
> left
> aligned. The image inside the frame is initially against the left of 
> the
> frame, I need it 2cm from the left margin of the frame, and I'd also 
> like to
> make the inserted frame a constant width, rather than a function of the
> particular image size.

Try setting up an anchored frame and screen shot just the way you want 
them, then copy and paste the anchored frame to where you want to 
insert the next screen shot. Select the screen shot in the anchored 
frame, and then import the next screen shot.

That should take care of your anchored frame requirements and possibly 
the 2 cm from the left position. Not so sure about your resolution 

As for the 96 dpi resolution, that's the default Windows display 
resolution. Years ago I used a screen capture tool where you could set 
the resolution of a screen shot before shooting.

I guess your requirement calls out for anchored frame styles. Not 
available in FM, but InDesign's object styles may be able to handle 


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