Kevin Hunter wrote:
The next step is that I then have to adjust the size and alignment of
resulting anchored frame; it's initially centered, and I need it to be
aligned. The image inside the frame is initially against the left of the

frame, I need it 2cm from the left margin of the frame, and I'd also
like to 
make the inserted frame a constant width, rather than a function of the 
particular image size.

Robert Stoker replied:
> Currently, our plug-in does not have a way to move the image 
> 2 cm from 
> the left margin of the frame (additional coding would need to 
> be done). 

There are a couple of ways to accomplish this quite easily:
1. Make the anchored frame 2cm smaller than the width of the frame, and
RIGHT align it. Align the graphic to the left in the anchored frame.
2. Create a special para tag for the graphics, left aligned with a 2cm
first indent. Place the anchored frame in its own paragraph, with the
anchored frame set to "At Insertion Point", and align the graphic to the
left side of the anchored frame.

These options both assume that your concern is that the graphic is
indented 2cm from the left margin of the text frame, and that you don't
need 2cm of space on the left of the anchored frame for some other


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