Hi all,

I've been lurking on the digest version for a couple of months now, and have 
really appreciated everyone's contributions. 

Now I have a couple of questions relating to default settings on importing 
files. I mainly work on user's guides with walk-through type instructions 
with many screen shots of our software. To pull in my images I use Esc + 
fif, and pick an image file and select a custom dpi; is there a way to set a 
default for that? In my version it comes up with 96dpi, but I need to vary 
that depending on the typical window sizes of each of the software packages 
I work on. Currently I have to re-enter it by hand.

The next step is that I then have to adjust the size and alignment of the 
resulting anchored frame; it's initially centered, and I need it to be left 
aligned. The image inside the frame is initially against the left of the 
frame, I need it 2cm from the left margin of the frame, and I'd also like to 
make the inserted frame a constant width, rather than a function of the 
particular image size.

If anyone has any suggestions on these, I'd love to hear them.

Kevin Hunter

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