That piece is total and ridiculous speculation on his
part. And it just won't happen! A very large number of
Adobe employees would refuse to work in tyrannical, 
cultish environment encouraged by Apple's management.
Nor would they work for Microsoft (stated to stave off
the usual crew of paranoids on this list) for similar

        - Dov

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> Subject: Wow, if this came to pass?!?!?!
> Cringley has been really out on a limb the last two or three 
> weeks, but I'd love to see this one come to pass. Apple 
> buying Adobe would be a great thing. Lots of publicly 
> available information supports Cringley's speculations, but 
> it still seems like a long shot. 
> Imagine this office suite
> FrameMaker (unstructured version)
> spreadsheet as yet unknown, but maybe adapted from AppleWorks
> Keynote
> FileMaker Pro 
> Acrobat suite (with Flash)
> One gets the warm fuzzies.
> - web

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