At 20:12 -0700 29/4/06, Dov Isaacs wrote:

>That piece is total and ridiculous speculation on his part.

Of course it is - Cringley is paid to do just that. It's load of fun, too.

>And it just won't happen! A very large number of Adobe employees would refuse 
>to work in tyrannical, cultish environment encouraged by Apple's management.

Would that make any difference? If there is any truth in the rumor at all [and 
no, I don't believe it either], it would be the products Apple was after. Sorry 

It doesn't just give me the warm fuzzies, but the pink wibblies too, with a 
good bit of perspiration thrown in.

And didn't I remember reading somewhere that Apple's cash mountain is now so 
large that it's had to set up a company in Reno just to look after it? $8 
billion or thereabouts. Name of 'Braeburn' [or maybe that was an April 1 piece 
and I didn't notice the date]. If they moved on Adobe, they could have 'Golden 
Delicious' too.

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