--- Dov Isaacs <isaacs at adobe.com> wrote:
"A very large number of Adobe employees would refuse
to work in tyrannical, cultish environment encouraged
by Apple's management."

I don't work for Adobe or Apple.  I do enjoy getting a
paycheck.  My hunch is most Adobe employees enjoy
getting a paycheck.

Just what would you and the other "freedom fighters"
do Dov if Apple bought Adobe?  Resign en masse and
jump to one of the plentiful jobs out there in the
marketplace?  Stay and conduct guerrilla warfare from
inside the company?

Perhaps you won't be given the chance to stay.  There
would likely be a large number of pink slips handed
out, and certainly a "renegade" who writes easily
accessed emails would be handed one.

You've been a great friend to everyone on this list,
Dov.  Take care.


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