Art, this is great information.

I have a question.

Where do I set the book title prefix for the index entries? In the index
marker itself inside the books, or would I set it on the reference page
so when the index is generated, we end up with <book_name - page#>
(Admin - 35).



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Yes and no. Each book file is just a container for the chapters; it
doesn't actually change them. ;- )

You want to be sure to mimic the chapter-page numbering style of the
source book in the meta-book. Chapter 1 in Admin can still carry the
label Chapter 1and the following chapters will still take their
incremental numbering increase from it. And the page numbering setup
should stay the same. Only difference is you restart book-level
numbering with Chapter 1 from the Installation Guide and so on
throughout the metabook

This also makes it easier to set the book label prefix -- unless you're
already using it, you can pick up the Volume numbering <$volnum>
variable and set it to text using the string you decide to use for each
book's prefix.

Just as a BTW, the chapter numbering in the original books will still be
valid when you operate from the original book file. You're not changing
anything in THAT book; you're setting all the new properties in an
entirely separate book file that just happens to contain the same
chapters. The chapter files don't know about a particlar book's settings
if you work on them outside that book.


On 8/1/06, Patrick Nolan <pnolan at> wrote:
> Art,
> What I don't understand is, if I create a new book and add all the 
> indexable chapters, wont these chapters lose their pagination? I.e., 
> wouldn't they get a new pagination from the new book?
> -Patrick
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> I think it's in the manual somewhere, but all you need to do is create

> a meta-book that contains all the indexable chapters from your doc set

> member books. Nesting books isn't supported. Only extra step is when 
> you generate the index, you'll probably need to include a prefix to ID

> the book before the page citation -- Admin 301, Install 3-14, etc.
> The metabook is also useful for updating / synching all formats and 
> applying any other changes you want to ripple into multiple books.
> Art
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> > In other words, they are asking for a master, multi-volume index for

> > all the books.

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