First, the table title doesn't/shouldn't have anything to do with
column headings. Type in the  title, maybe add a variable so you get a
"Continued" or sheet number on subsequent pages  and let it go.

Second, the column headings. I believe your table is made up of Body
Cells. You need to add a row of Heading Cells to the top of the first
page, above your first row of data.

Right click in the first row of the table. Select Table.
Select Add Rows or Columns.
Specify 1 Row and in the Pull-down, To Heading.
Click Add.
Type, don't copy, the text that describes the columns and which you
wanted repeated when the table breaks to a new page.


On 8/10/06, Kevin Hunter <kevinh at> wrote:
> I want to add column headings for the four columns, that are aligned 
> correctly with the columns they correspond to. I want these column headings 
> to appear at the top of the table, as well as at the top of every subsequent 
> page. So I'm trying to use the Table Title.

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